[H] [Illidan] Good Vibez | 7/9M | Wed/Thurs 7:30pm-10:30pm CST

:speech_balloon: Team Name: Good Vibez
:busts_in_silhouette: Guild: Envelop
:globe_with_meridians: Realm: Illidan

:calendar: Schedule:
Wednesdays & Thursdays (7:30 - 10:30p CST) Realm Time

:crossed_swords: Progression Type:
Mythic pushing CE

:dizzy: CURRENT PROGRESSION : 9/9N | 9/9H | 7/9M

Good Vibez is a mythic-minded semi-hardcore raid team formed in patch 7.2.5. We come together each week to slay internet dragons, get those epics, and have fun as a group of online friends. Our goal is to push as far into Mythic, ideally get CE.

Current Needs:

We update our needs weekly on our team website listed below. That said we are always interested in making new friends, so even if we don’t have your spec listed, feel free to apply anyway and we will consider your application.

How to Apply:

If this all sounds good, check us out and apply!


:question: Questions:
Add us on Discord: Barron#8950 or RysN#8951

Could use a few more, specifically a tank and a dps or two like DK

Going to be interesting to check the new patch out. Better start farming for that ring.

Im curious to see if they buff the ring any

Dathea here we come with some buffs, should be interesting. Could still use a few more dps and a tank

Could use a few more dps like a dk and a tank.

Sub 10% Dathea, heck yea we got this!!!

I’m interested. Add me on Battle.net NaTuRaL#11214.

Got to say the rings arent bad, at least not for tank.

Dathea tomorrow, better die!!!

Woot 6/8 this week. Brood is an interesting fight for sure

Looking for a few more dps going into 10.1

Time to kill some Brood this week, I have faith!

Brood down, now time to get Ras down

Still looking for a few more DPS come 10.1

Re bump up

Bump it up

Time to bump

Time to bump

Come join us!!

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