[H-Illidan] <Crippled Beta Club> 11/12M, TU&TH 6:30-9:30 PM PST LF RDPS

Crippled Fight Club is a two-night per week, toxic raiding guild on US-Illidan. Currently 12/12H & 11/12M, Crippled Fight Club is lead by multiple Cutting Edge plebs dating back to Lich King and continuing on through multiple xpacs(Garrosh, Kil’jaeden, Argus, Jaina) and is currently recruiting exceptional players for progression.

We strive for a toxic and hateful environment that takes the challenges of mythic raiding seriously so long as the other raiders are helping our group of friends who are all officers, to get their CE. Our goal, as with the most toxic mythic teams, is to use our raiders to get us Cutting Edge every tier, but while always keeping the same spirit of toxicity as you find playing sports. Performance is all that matters. If you’re having a bad night, there’s no excuses! We will verbally assault you. You must be able to take nonconstructive abuse.

Raid Times: Tuesday &Thursday 8:30-11:30 PM CST (Server), invites start 30 mins before raid.

Recruitment Needs: Crippled Fight Club is always recruiting raiders for all levels of abuse. Players with good logs (must have all ORANGE PARSES, BECAUSE THATS ALL THAT MATTERS) and similar progression are encouraged to apply. We are currently seeking the following roles/classes(current as of NOW).

Healers: We need any healers because our current ones are really bad.

Tanks: Same thing really, mediocre tanks who need replacing.

Melee: None

Ranged: Any DPS who plays flavor of the month and will sit in Discord and be ignored by our main clique while we flex because we played a class that’s top of the meta and can push our 3 buttons.

Our Expectations of You:

  • Be online at 8:15 PM , and inside the instance ready to pull by 8:30 PM. If not, be prepared to be ignored until we decide to attack you for being late.

  • Come to raid having done appropriate research on how to fully optimize your character (including most recent theory crafting on talents, enchants, gear etc.).

    • In Other Words: know enough about the fight to carry our core guys to Cutting Edge. Otherwise we will scream at you and use bigoted derogatory slurs to try to cut you down due to our own phallic deficiencies.
  • Do the research on boss encounters and have a general idea of how each fight is going to play out.

    • In Other Words: We already went over this. We will verbally berate you until you get us our Cutting Edge
  • Keep a good sense of humor, but know when to focus on the job at hand.

    • In Other Words: lol We won’t interact with you or laugh at anything you say. You’re just a maggot who fills out ranks to get us Cutting Edge.
  • Do a weekly plus 15, have all useful essences at rank 3, and maintain appropriate current neck/cloak levels.

    • In Other Words: Do your own key, we don’t help anyone but our clique
  • Grind Echoes for bis corruption if still needed.

Your Expectations of Us

  • Officers come prepared to be the worst they can possibly be at their jobs.
  • Officers come prepared to raid with bad attitudes
  • Officers are never open to suggestions.

Contact Info

If you are interested in applying, please check out Crippled Fight Club on Wowprogress and contact any of the people listed here. Feel free to add the BattleTags below or contact any officer rank in-game with any questions.

Recruiter: noeffect#1587
Discord: Noeffect#4659

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