[H][Illidan] 442 4/8M BrewMaster LF guild


I just transferred back to horde from the alliance on Stormrage after a bit of a break, I am not looking for a full-blown team or time but more so a place to relax and run mythic plus and a team i could help every now and then!

I am 27 with a family and a busy schedule but still put a decent amount of time into the game and while im not looking for a Mythic team that could change in an instant.

I have 85% + parses on the mythic bosses I’ve killed with 95%+ on heroic. I have a warrior and monk both geared and am working on one of each tank and a Hunter DPS.

Logs and any relevant information can be provided

Btag: Scrapy#11690 or
Discord: Rutroraggy#2947


We are a newly forming guild that transferred from an alliance heavy server looking to build a fresh roster with players eager to progress and perform. I will share some information on raid times, classes and roles in need and what our vision for the guild is.

For now our raid nights are Friday and Saturday. Raid times are 8pm-11pm PST with raiders expected to be prepared and ready (pots, flasks, enchants and gems in sockets 10 min prior). We want to create a community in which people are active, playing together running content together and eager to progress during raid nights or nights in which we do guild events. We are all here to have fun and most of us have been raiding/playing together for years. We want people who want to be social and want to progress to be applying and to come join us.

As far as classes/roles are concerned we are recruiting all classes with a priority on Tanks. Classes we are low on at the moment on Enh/Ele shamans and hunters. Feel free to message myself (MrCasual#11294 / twitch.tv/mrcasual_) or the recruiting officer (Jelly23#1335). Hope to hear from you soon. FOR THE HORDE!