[H] <IGF> Faerlina|54/54|Top 50 US Speed| Tue/Thur 9:30p-12:30a EST|LF TANK, Enh Sham/Frost DK, LOCK

Okay, maybe we’re not staying on herod after all.

Are the people bumping this thread all different people?

No. They’re all me.

Lmao, what a loser.

That is not very nice.

Your face is not very nice boom roasted

That is very rude, we won’t play with the likes of you. We will move to Incendius in response.

Hur durr, look at me, I’m Raigon I get offended too easily.

Since you are a low-level alt, you can only post 3 times per topic. Your trolling days in this threat are over.

I still ride bikes.

Guys, this isn’t funny anymore. I need some shaman.

Me not that kind of orc.

My body is ready.

Me eat potato.

This bump will get buried, and no one will ever know that I’m straight.

Can work be done already?

2 minutes until launch!

Oh, boy. I love getting disconnected because the world server crashed and then having to wait in a queue of 10k to get back online.

Can I get Shaman now?

Oh, boy. only 4 hours of sleep