[H] <IGF> Faerlina|54/54|Top 50 US Speed| Tue/Thur 9:30p-12:30a EST|LF TANK, Enh Sham/Frost DK, LOCK

It’s with great sorrow that I must bump this thread again.

Bump. Probably have room for 1 more warlock.

you might wanna run

Oh, boy. I finally have enough warlocks.

Alright look, we’re gonna need 200 CCs of bump, stat!

I have newfound respect for Justin Bieber.

Mark Thompson.

Need shaman, plz halp

Crime, crime, crim3

Oh, Shaman, where art thou?

I ride bikes.

Where are all the shamans?

I like turtles.

Me also like turtle

Hrm… Should we move to Skeram?

Looks like we are staying on Herod.

My name is not Jeff

I commit crimes.

Arrest this man.

I still need infinitely many shaman