[H] Hunter LF guild T6+ (10/10 pre-nerf exp)

Kinda just seeing what’s out there. Don’t expect much of a look being this close to P3.
I am serious enough to transfer/join prior to P3 launch if it’s right.

About me:
LW/skin professions
P2 BiS
10/10 pre nerf exp
11/14 kill exp on PTR for P3 (archimonde, council, and illidan not attempted yet)
Experienced in all 3 specs w/ 92 average for BM, 99 average for MM, 94 average for Surv
Flexible in raid times and can work my schedule around it.

What I am looking for:
Semi-HC guild (serious on raids, but laid back enough not to sweat through their chair)
Taking raid buffs into consideration (not having 9 mages, 1 paladin, and 1 shaman)
Warcraftlogs are fun
Fair loot system i.e. if LC that anyone is considered for new gear. I know I haven’t been with you since BWL, but I’d like attendance, performance, and dad jokes to be taken into consideration for all the cool loot.
Help with consumes are a plus but not needed. Stuff gets expensive lol

I am a single dad so family is always first, but have only had to pull apart for a few minutes every now and then to clean up spilled drinks, broken toys, poop on the wall, etc. Dad stuff.

Message me on Disc: extremeheet#0052