[H] Hoversail - 9/10M

Hoversail is a two night a week guild who formed with the intention of pushing high end mythic content while maintaining a more relaxed schedule. We are looking to bolster our ranks going into Shadowlands. Our long-term goals are: maintaining a competitive-based team capable of pushing Cutting Edge content, fostering a laid back but professional raiding environment, and pushing high-end Mythic plus content.

Raid Times:

Wednesday/Thursday: 9:00 P.M. - 12:30 A.M. EST

Recruitment Priorities:

Melee DPS: High

Ranged DPS: High

Healers: Medium

**We will consider all applicants regardless of our current recruitment needs based on their ability to perform.

You can apply by visiting our website and clicking apply:

or by reaching out to us in-game:


Bumping the thread!

We are still recruiting

Processing apps this weekend. Let’s go prepatch.

Come join us in the prepatch waiting room

Reclear tonight, always looking for new friends!


Would it be possible to have a conversation on Discord instead? It’s much easier with no character limit, imo.


Still recruiting! Where are the baller healers and rdps at?

SL please hurry.

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Bump bump bump!

It’s finally prepatch time

Bumping again

Maybe we get a release date soon :slight_smile:

Always recruiting!

test test is this thing on

Hello, have a few questions I’d like to inquire about if you are still recruiting. I sent everyone listed an invite in BNet to discuss, or I can do so in Discord.

BNet : Cruce#11331
Discord : Cruce#0001

Recruitment back open.

Ranged DPS - where you at?

Portal boss prog starts this week