[H] <Hostility> Barthilas 2-nights [12/12M] LFM Shadowlands

Recruiting for Shadowlands
Hostility is located on Horde, US-Barthilas. The guild was started with the goal of clearing raid content on a limited schedule (6-hours per week).

We are looking for dedicated raiders on prog who want to play in a team with the same mindset.

Raid Schedule:
Wed and Sun: 8-11pm Server Time (GMT+10)


  • 1x Healer [Resto Shaman/Holy Paladin]
  • 1x DPS

What Hostility can offer you:
Experienced leadership and a stable raiding environment.
Organized and prepared.

What Hostility expects from you:
Be ready to kill bosses. Have a working mic.

A positive and tenacious attitude to mythic progression and the ability to be kind and considerate to your team and guildies.

If Hostility sounds like it could be your future home, reach out to us today!

We are always looking for quality recruits and would be happy to talk to you even if your class is not listed above.

Contact Us:
Join our Discord below or contact any one officer on the list:

  • Discord - invite.gg/hostility
  • hatchi#11722 - Recruitment
  • d0n#1881 - DPS/Heals
  • ven#1261 - RL

Hostility? More like Bosstility.

Update! Due to re-rolls from our team, we are now looking for a healer and a couple of dps spots.

Still looking for more friendos!

Looking for strong dps/healer to bump our team for mythic Eternal Palace

Come join the safe space

Still looking

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Still looking for more friends

we need friendos!! :heart_eyes:

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We are not tox :slight_smile:

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6/8 need more friendos!

What a great guild! 10/10 would recommend !

We’re still alive!

need more friends to play with!