[H] <<<Horde and looking for a guild for myself and a few others

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My guild is having trouble recruiting and filling raid slots so it is looking like we are going to be breaking up and I would like to find a home for several of us before the new raid. We are for the Horde, sorry I should have wrote that.

My main is a 368 MW Monk and is 8/8N 7/8H 1/8M. I also have numerous alts at 360+.
A family member will also be joining me and is a 360 BM Hunter. She is newer to raiding but learning fast and is 7/8N

There may be several others that will be looking for a home and may be interested in joining as well but we can talk about this as I would like to give them the option of joining along with us. We raid, do mythic +'s, and do some pvp and very active. The others are 365+ and 8/8H and some are 1/8M as well. Tank and another heals and the others are DPS.

We are on Spirestone and Firetree and not looking to transfer so please be on one of the connected realms.

Currently we raid Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9pm-12 EST and would like to keep a somewhat similar schedule during the weekdays. We are not looking to join anything elitist or full of drama as we are laid back but enjoy progression.

Thank you and please leave your guild info here and best contact method.


We are still looking for a guild


Bumps! Still looking for a guild!

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Are you guys still looking for a guild? currently Horde on Spirestone is recruiting DPS. We do raid Friday and Saturday nights 8:30pm EST until 11:30pm EST. We are currently 3/8 Mythic and should be 4/8 possibly 5/8 after this weekend depending on attendance. Are core has been together for a good part of the last 10 years and have a strong foundation just need a few spots for DPS to continue to progress.


Thank you everyone… we found a home.