[H] Holy Priest LFG

Looking for a new guild, just coming back after a long, long hiatus. I was just ready to get into MC before I had to leave. If any guilds are pretty active and still doing mc, etc. I am looking to heal :smiley:

SIN has some openings for Healers in our Molten Core Group and if you perform well enough might even be able to sneak you into a BWL Group as well. We are 8/8 BWL 10/10 MC ready to start in on AQ40 soon as it comes out as well. We have a mix of very serious players along with some that are more casual and have groups that cater to both ends of the spectrum. Feel free to contact Khaalathas, Caylo, Myycorona, Koren, or Bontar for further details.

I am interested! I should be on most of the day today, I will keep looking for those names to speak to. thank you!