[H] Highly Unfocused (3/9M) (9/9H) -- Gaming Community LFM


We aren’t just looking for WoW players, our community has a private ARK cluster, Minecraft Server, Terraria groups and an active league base from Iron 4 to Diamond 3.

Of course, this being a WoW forum, I’d think you played WoW as well :smiley:


We are still seeking new players as we move into 8.1, another healer class wouldn’t be the worst our paladin wants to be mage.

(Tålrin) #9

8.1 is around the corner and our competitive spots on Mythic are still there. Mostly because they are always competitive and anyone can take anything!

Still dreaming of a boomkin and a healer type.


4/8 now almost had 5/8 last night, still LF solid players


Still looking for DPS who want to prove they don’t belong on a Heroic only guild or stuck on some boss because your group doesn’t want to change its tactic.

Message me, we can be your savior.


Still seeking another healer as well, leather preferred. We have the people, but one of them is a DPS who would be swapping.


looking for ranged DPS, boomkin preferred at this time.


5/8 M Now! Would love some Ranged DPS


Getting into the Mythic BOD, looking for a healer to replace those who have real life concerns etc.

Been playing Apex, Anthem, League and other games together as well on offnights!

Also have a solid group of key pushers for the mythic+ players.

(Tålrin) #17

Still seeking a shaman or a Monk, come join our community!

Also seeking all Mythic plus classes to push high end keys.


Looking for DPS players, we like to have fresh meat to test our current raiders.

(Tålrin) #19

Still seeking able minded, parsing, mechanical players who feel like to push content, have fun and dabble around in other games.

Cookies can be produced etc.


GM is making me bump this post. Plz send help


pls join guild


Dont do it!! Its a trap


Looking for a tank and rDPS.

(Tålrin) #24

Looking for ranged DPS who want to do opulence and/or M+15 etc.


you can also message me if Talrin isn’t online Weakaf or Spoogey


Interested :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if you guys would still be looking for ranged dps, and if you would be interested in a warlock ilvl 409. Your times would be good for me and I’m looking to xfer servers. Due to my guild disbanding, and my server having very few guilds doing more than heroic content. I have experience on the first three mythic bosses.