[H] High end Ret returning from 8 month break LF Guild

I have raided with higher end guilds consistently through every xpac since WOTLK. I always do my homework on new content and go out of my way to try and learn any/everything I can about excelling at my class. I have consistently parsed in 90-99% when I raid. I’m a quick learner with fights and don’t stand in bad, while doing my job with any interrupts, etc, while still usually nearing the top of the dps charts.

I haven’t played/raided since Uldir, where I completed 5/8M (though I had sub 10% kills on Zul and was absent when my group finally killed him) and also had extensive progression on Mythrax. This progression was around ~800-1000 world ranking kills. In previous expansions, I’ve been a top raider in guilds that were as high as ~450 world.

As the point I’m trying to make with this post, I’m looking to get back into raiding once again, preferably with a guild that meets qualifications I’ve had in the past.

I’m hoping to stay on Area 52, but depending on the circumstances I may be willing to transfer.

Looking forward to hearing from any guilds with interest and we can hopefully have a longer dialogue and I could answer any questions there are for me.

Thanks for reading, and hope to raid with you soon!
-Cousinskeetr, Hand of A’dal

Whodatboi#11245 add me so we can chat :slight_smile:

Still looking!

This guy is good

Hello! What sort of raid times are you available for? I’m the GM of a new guild on Area-52 and would love to chat and see if this would be a good fit for you.

should definitely recruit this guy

Man, I can’t even believe how good this ret paladin is

I want you to want me

the night show is a horde guild on zul’jin, we currently raid sun/mon from 10-1am pst. we will finish this tier up 8/9. We are looking to make top us 250-500 next tier so we are adding Tuesdays to our schedule. our officer core is made up of previous CE and us top 10 players. if your interested contact me on discord campyourbody#2937 or bnet tim#12145