[h] [herod] < mvp > semi-hardcore guild, seeking just a few more core raiders! paying for your xfers!

MVP is recruiting FIVE + + more core raiders for our RAID TEAM ONE. We raid every Wednesday at 9:00PM (invites go out at 8:30PM) server time.

  • If you are decently geared and can chat with us on discord, we are PAYING for your server Xfer!!!

We are seeking Pre-Bis+ Geared DPS & HEALERS to fill the remaining core spots. 100% Pre-bis or raid gear is not required, if you are skilled with your class this is more valuable to us.

Experienced, semi-hardcore, & very fair loot oriented guild with majority of members geared. We use a complex spreadsheet to track loot & attendance via a very unique point system. This is to ensure everything is fair and players are rewarded accurately.

We also host weekly events and giveaways, with this weeks XMAS Lotto totaling over 4,500G and $400 in prizes. We LEFT a very corrupt guild to form MVP and do things the right way, which sets us apart from any other guild.

Our last MC / ONY was completed in UNDER 2 HOURS with less than 40 core raiders. We will be crushing content as soon as it is released all the way through NAXX. For example, we already have 40+ cloaks for BWL.

We do require correct raid specs, some world buffs, key class consumes, & most importantly a great attitude. Within a few days, we will have our full raid team of 40 dedicated and consistent players and in result, our clear times will reduce significantly.

Would you like to be apart of MVP? The clock is ticking!! Message me via any of the methods below.

On Discord @ Drainbamage#8382

In-Game @ Tickler

Or On Here