[H] [Herod] <Melee Heavy> Tues/Thurs Recruiting Range DPS

[H] Looking for more raiders for our Core 25 mans!

About Us:
We are currently 10/10 SSC/TK, We are a laid back guild with a laid back schedule. Most of the guild has been playing together for a few years on private servers. There are no cliques, fan clubs, or elitist’s!

Scheduled Raid Times:
Tuesday - (9:00 invites) - 9:30 - 12:30pm Server / EST
Thursday - (9:00 invites) - 9:30 - 12:30pm Server / EST
On off nights we run Heroics / PVP / alt runs

Current Needs: 
- Resto Shaman
- Disc Priest

Loot System
Currently we run a Soft Res loot system with 2x SR for SSC and 1x SR for TK.

- Raiders are expected to show up on time and maintain a fairly solid attendance (we understand RL stuff happens and that’s ok)
- Raiders need to bring consumables! Flasks, pots, food buff, etc…
- You are expected to learn / know the fights for the boss encounters
- Lastly we are not min-maxers who are going to yell if you don’t parse 100%, just come with a positive attitude and be ready to down content!

In-Game - You can reach out to Comradcalma, Tennisbabe, Mùte (alt+151 for the ù)
Discord - Shoot me a DM!!

Still looking for some solid players!

Come kill some Bosses with us!

Phase 2 is coming soon!

Will pay a sign on bonus for a boomy!!

still need solid DPS for phase 2!

Bump it up!

Need Boomkin bad.

Bump for solid seller

Phase 2 is a week away, still need that boomy

bump for boomy

Can still use some exceptional players

Looking for some more Range DPS to join us!!! Would love to have a few more hunter’s and 1 more lock. Raid III Is currently 5/6 SSC (Vash will die very very soon!) and 2/4 TK (Raid got cut short last few weeks or Al’ar would be dead)! COME JOIN THE FUN

bumping for hunters, come pump

Still need some Range! Also in need of a prot pally!!! Lets get it!

We are in DIRE need of a Boomy!!

Where those Boomies at??? all consumes on guild, will even pay for x-fer for right recruit! 1k Sign on bonus, SAY WHAT!!!

8/10!! Still need that Boomy!!!

Looking for some Hunters / Locks!!! 8/10 KT will die tonight or very soon!!

Looking for a hunter and Holy Priest