[H - Herod] <Infusion> | Recruiting for TBC! | Hardcore | T/W/M 8:30-11:30pm EST

Infusion is a hardcore, progression oriented guild on Herod with the goal of eliminating all raid content in a fast, organized manner. We were formed on the eve of TBC Classic launch by a group of friends consisting of former top 10 US raiders and current/former Gladiators. From us you can expect knowledgeable leadership with 30+ years of collective raiding experience, a knowledgeable and skilled raid team, and a strong focus on efficient, serious raiding on a 9-hour schedule.

Recruitment Needs

  • Feral Druid (Cat/Bear - Flex Tank)

Please don’t hesitate to apply if your class isn’t listed above - we will always consider the application of an exceptional player.

Raid Schedule

Tuesday 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST
Wednesday 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST
Monday 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST

We will not extend these hours unless we are extremely close to a kill. Raiders are expected to be online 15 minutes prior to start time for invites.


  • Class knowledge: Our raiders will represent the best of their respective classes.
  • Solid raiding background: We are not interested in applicants that are looking to get their foot in the door in raiding.
  • Communication: We use Discord during raids and expect you to have a microphone and be vocal when required.
  • Near-perfect attendance: All interested applicants must be able to make 90% of our raids.
  • Competition: Raid spots are competitive. High performance will be expected from all raiders, in addition to having all consumables, enchants and raid beneficial professions prior to stepping foot into our raids.


We utilize a mix of a Loot Council and DKP system with the idea that loot will be evenly distributed to those with high performance, high raid attendance and good attitude.

If you think this is the guild for you, drop an application at the following link or message a member of our management team via Discord or Battle.net for more information.


Discord: Voxstrasza#1000 / bnet: Voxstrasza#1366
Discord: Pownzツ#1738 / bnet: Pownz#1973
Discord: Nykez#5931 / bnet: Nikes#1155
Discord: Harrison#5785 / bnet: Haamm#11486

Huge bump for this one

Bump :eyes:

Are you guys leveling now? I’m looking for a new home but plan on rerolling to Holy Pally and boosting myself in preparation for TBC.

Hit me up on discord vartonis#4717, please.

Heya, Vartok.

A large chunk of us are and have been playing and raiding in Classic since release. Some are leveling now, some plan to take advantage of the boost that will be coming soon.

I’ll be sure to add you later today. Thanks for the interest.

Gamer girls get free loot thanks to endo


No weebs allowed!

What is a nightborne?

Blizzard would prefer it if it was forgotten as well :worried:

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Basically uglier night elves.

is this a weeb guild? asking for a friend

A weeb guild with no weebs allowed, yes.

Ok my friend says thats acceptable

(Infusion) Home of the World First Illustrious Skinner.

Its because I fill the quota

How do I roll demon hunter?

okay people listen up

i heard this guild only allows bald male blood elf paladins, is this correct?

Well, you know what they say about bald male blood elf paladins.

Simp-free zone