[H] <Heir> 9/10M (T/W/Th 9pm-12am EST) LFM for CE Castle

Main Raid: Tues/Wed/Thurs 9pm-12am EST
Optional/Sales: Sunday 9pm EST


Castle Nathria is our first tier as a guild.
Heir is led by accomplished CE raiders with vast leadership experience in WoW.
We are looking to form a group of friends who enjoy progressing at a competitive rate, but outside of raid know how to take (and tell) a joke. We want players who are active and enjoy playing outside of raid. Leadership strives to form strong relationships with each of our guild members to ensure that each person feels welcome and an integral part of the team/family.

Our goal is to create a stable community able to provide consistent CEs in a timely manner for all of our raiders. We strive to form a long term family rather than a short term grab and go. With that goal in mind, it is important that all of our members remain motivated and willing to work together as the expansion moves forward.
As the guild’s leaders, we hope to acknowledge and resolve any concerns in a timely manner in order to prevent hindering progression (i.e. roster issues, complacency, drama, etc). We are welcoming to concerns guildies may have, and are willing to talk openly to reach a resolution. Our main goal is to progress, but maintaining good relationships with our raiders is our highest priority.

Our long term goal is to become a top 100 US guild within a few raid tiers.

Raid lead- Finding a competent RL is our highest priority. Must have a competitive and positive mindset and be able to put the time and effort in needed to lead at a CE level. We currently have a RL who is finishing out this tier, he just would like to step down next tier…
If interested in RLing, please apply even if your class/spec isn’t listed below.

**Melee dps:**
none at this time

**Ranged dps:**


none at this time

We’re also looking to start a slightly more casual second team (Fri/Sat 9pm-12am EST). Currently in need of a Raid Lead for said team. AotC or higher in current tier experience preferred.


  • In-depth knowledge of all specs you will be playing in a mythic raid setting.
  • Keeping up to date on class/spec/stat priority/BiS changes.
  • A positive mindset even during difficult prog fights. Absolutely no toxicity will be tolerated.
  • Competitive and motivated to succeed as a team, not an individual.
  • 90% + attendance.
  • Open to constructive criticism and advice.
  • Preparedness. Come to raid with armor kits, pots, weapon oils, etc.


  • cjsu#1139 (Btag), nemofex#2794 (Discord) — GM
  • Pirouette#11682 (Btag), Tiddbit#3142 (Discord) — GM/Healing Officer

Or please apply below!

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High priority for a RL!

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