[H] <Happy Zug Zug> [6/12H] 2 Nights a week 9:30PM ST

Happy Zug Zugs

We are an Aus based casual guild with active regular players for both early at night and later nights. With a focus on Mythic + content & 2 Nights a week raiding.

About 4 months old, our guild has grown fast into an amazing, active and friendly community of players. Our guild is a casual guild, with organised leaders - our goal is to create a friendly and casual environment for people who have full time jobs / kids to still be able to enjoy the game and still try to push Mythic + content without the toxic try-hard feels.

We have an active Discord community where we post pics of our chonky fluffers, memes (as lame as some of them can be) and more.


  • Ranged DPS (any class / spec)

Currently only ranged DPS is needed for our heroic progression roster. We are not aiming to have a huge team, but do require a few more ranged, if you are interested anyway and are a melee DPS please still let me know and we will see :slight_smile:

If you are interested in joining us feel free to add either of these and have a chat.
Btag: Shinikaze#1873
Discord: Thicc#0296