[H] <Handsome> Now Recruiting!

Handsome is looking for a few dedicated players to fill out our core raid in P3!

Currently we raid MC Tuesday night at 6 PM server in 1.5 hrs with Ony immediately after and a second Ony TBD.
With the beginning of phase 3, BWL will be scheduled for Tuesday’s at 6PM server and consequently MC/Ony will be Thursdays 6PM server with double Ony weeks TBD.
We plan to raid 3-4 hours per night during progression which will shorten once we have the progressive raid on farm.

Loot is decided by loot council based on merit, attendance, and time since last loot.

Our current roster needs are
-Resto Shaman
-Resto Druid
- Any (Full on Fury Warriors)

While we are in most need of the classes listed above if you do not fall in those categories but consider yourself an especially experienced player, have crazy logs, or just think Handsome is a good fit for you, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will consider you anyway.

At Handsome we want to clear content fast and have a good time doing it. For our core roster we are looking for dedicated players who show up prepared for raid. However, many of us enjoy the social part of the game and if you are a fresh 60 or inexperienced player, don’t hesitate to apply as a casual player and you may be able to fill on alternate raid nights!
For more information or a trial please contact me in game on either of my characters: “Bagofnails” or “Dragonbait” or contact any other Handsome member to get in touch with an officer