[H] <Hand of Salvation> AOTC Guild Recruiting for The War Within!

Happy Tuesday Everyone and its update time!

The HoS are now 8/8H and AHEAD OF THE CURVE!!! WOOHOOO!!! :fire: :fire: :fire:and with 1/8M on our belt too.

Took the victory lap by calling early. A job well done all around. Thursday we will go into Mythic!
We do have 1 spot open for the mythic team and we are looking to fill it with a mage as they seem to be non-existent but hopefully you are out there :blush: .

If you are looking to get your AOTC achievement and a guild to call home come thru as we will be helping those who decided to go out with the wifeys for V-Day!

Been a while Thrall so lets update ya!

UPDATE: New Raid times 9:00PM-11:30PM EST

Also looking for more players as we lost some due to RL changes and newfound above average expectations. So if you have not gotten AOTC or looking to next raid tier for a guild that will achieve AOTC, we are here to keep it going. Okay with some causal mythic boss kills for ez loot? We will look to continue achieving that as well.

Come give us a try! We have a lot of friendly folks. We have a very good raid leader, which can be hard to fine. We try to be efficient with our time.

Would also love to get some more people that are interested in mythic plus. I really enjoy running them, whether it’s low ones on alts (I have so many) or trying to get a 20.

Like I said, we are friendly people… come try us!

So I forgot to mention that we got Mythic Primal Council down x.x! Terrible updater. <===

Gain some new recruits and did an alt run for fun. Always looking for players that need an active guild doing AOTC runs/casual mythic ez boss loot and some mythic + fun. But that’s a wrap for the week! Have a nice weekend everyone!

P.S. I also approve Ruoki’s message :+1:

Hey everyone, new patch new stuff to do.

I’ve been away due to some medical reasons but the recruiter is back to keep us going.

Looking to bolster our roster with people that want to experience VotI before the next patch. As well as looking for players who are looking forward to pushing the next raid in 10.1.

If your looking to get away from pugging then join a guild like us! Come thru. Wanna try different classes along the way? Come thru. Not crazy about mythic and your okay with AOTC then we are here for that too. Get your AOTC before 10.1 with a guild that has done it.

Looking forward to gaining some new players and grow our guild further into future content.

We are still looking for quality people, check out our other post in the recruitment forums as well. It may have other information that appeals to you!

[H-Thrall] AotC guild (8/8H) T/Th 9-11:30pm EST - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

10.1 is almost here! We’d love to get some new faces into the group and tackle Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible!

If you’d like more information, please feel free to reach-out to any of the members listed! Everyone is incredibly friendly and more than willing to answer any questions you may have.

Come run some keys and shoot the breeze!

We are still looking for active, fun and eager folks to tackle the new content in 10.1 with. About a week away from the new M+ season and everyone is excited to get going on those new dungeons!
Shoot one of us a message about joining up!

Check us out and see if we fit! Would love more people to run mythic + with!

We are two days away from 10.1 and the new raid next week. Get Excited!

Hand of Salvation is looking to get back in and reach its goal of AOTC Abberus. We have 8 spots open for the taking. Take a look above at what we prefer to have take the final slots on our team. There is always opportunity for someone to drop off due to RL situations if you prefer to come on a class not listed.


We have players at the ready to do other kinds of content like mythic + in the meantime. If raiding isn’t your thing but need people to do keys with we got willing players on off nights. Just ask, set up a day and time and knock them out.

10.1 in full swing and we are out here getting ready for next week! Looking to casually fill up our last slots with some specific classes above and maybe some people that want to do mythic +. Any content really. So hit us up and let us be your new home for 10.1 and beyond.

Tomorrow is Day 1in Aberrus! HoS is prepared and ready to take on the challenge to be AOTC!

We still looking looking for players to join us in downing Aberrus, as well as, maybe bring their alts for some mythic + key runs.

If you need a home look no further hit me up and lets take out some bosses together!

Downed 7/9N tonight! woohoo! Looking forward to Thursday to down some heroic! Still looking for players that want to achieve AOTC! Please check out what we need above. Hope everyone who raided had a great night and enjoying the spoils.

Looking to push for more kills tonight! Let’s see what happens. Still recruiting players that need a home for season 2. Lets get these kills together!

So i wasn’t able to join my team this past week due to some unfortunate circumstances but we got some more kills on heroic! 4/9H! Still recruiting for those missing classes above.
Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Hit us up!

We are still on the lookout for capable players that are willing to raid and do some mythics on off-nights. Contact us if interested!

Back at it again. Still looking for those looking to have AOTC under their belt for this teir.
We are currently working on Echo Heroic this week and hopefully get to H Sarkareth.

We got H Echo on Tuesday, next up is H Sarkareth and AotC! Still looking for a few folks for reclears and to build on for the next tier. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

15% on H Sarkareth!!! Best attempt yet. Next week it will go down for sure and AOTC will be achieved! Looking to find players that want to achieve their AOTC, reclear, and build up for the next adventure. Also looking to have players to Mythic + keys and other activities. Looking for awesome heals and bick dig deeps! =D