[ H ] < Halfway to Ratchet > Looking for Like Minded Players for #1 Horde Guild on Netherwind!

In < Halfway to Ratchet > our first goal is set in stone, becoming the #1 Horde guild on Netherwind. Our members will strive to min/max every aspect of the game and complete all content to the best of our ability. Raid spots will be determined based on your performance and reliability. All members are expected to try their best in a mature, competitive, and non-toxic environment.

We are looking for all classes, and roles. Druid/Warrior/Priest/Shaman mainly. We are a newly formed guild trying to build the best roster we can with the best players in mind. The players we have now consist of the top players in their class according to Warcraftlogs.

We are running a melee heavy group consisting of 3 tanks, 12 warriors, and 4 rogues with casters/healers filling up the remaining slots (shaman heavy with heals, 5 of them). Our leadership has a lot of experience when it comes to classic, and if it matters, even TBC in the upcoming release. No one in the dark about current and future content. It will be explained and made as clear as possible.

Again, we are a new guild, but we are very seasoned players looking for other seasoned players that are knowledgeable about their class and the game to make things as smooth as possible toward our journey for #1 Horde on Netherwind.
Loot is loot council. Everything about loot will be 100% transparent. Based on performance, and attendance with other small variables.

If you are interested, please apply at HTRClassic. com and consider joining our Discord!

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