[H] Guild Faire!

Attention Horde RP guilds and guildless!!!

I am looking to form a guild faire and I need help from fellow RP guilds who would be willing to form this. If you have never been in one, this is basically how it would go.

In either Orgrimmar in the Valley of Honor or in Silvermoon City where we stand on either side of the street in Murder Row, Horde guilds will line the street and stand beside their banners, either on mounts or not. We will set a date and time and announce it here and in trade chat and people looking for RP guilds will come walking into that zone and approach the several guilds standing on the sides of the road. The guilds will engage with the people in RP and explain what they are about. If the guildless like what they hear, they join the guild and you gained yet another member.

The point of all this is not only increasing the amount of numbers we have in our guilds, but rather to give homes to those who have none. So have fun, tell your tales to the lonely, and allow them to fight under your banner! This event itself will last 2-3 hours total, so come prepared as to what you are going to say and how you will engage in RP to sell yourself to the newcomers!

This had alot of success on Emerald Dream so I am trying to bring this here unless this is something that is already done. If other guilds are interested in making this a thing, please let me know and we can coordinate this! Just a new guild trying to make a name for itself! For the Silverclove Coalition!!


This sounds like a rather great idea, Defilers of Arathor will be present.


Things like this DO happen, but it’s never been all that organized. You’ll have guilds come to do recruiting in Orgrimmar, but it’s really a piecemeal thing. Could be a cool idea, though.


Yeah we can make this happen guys. My guild leader is about to give me an invite to the discord for our realm. I’d love to work with you all to set up a time. Just a good time to bring the realm together and have some fun for the night. Silverclove Coalition will be there in full effect.

A job fair? Sounds like fun! You can count Firebrand Enterprises in!

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Glad to see the support from the Defilers of Arathor and Firebrand Enterprises! Looking forward to working alongside you all. With just a few more guilds, we can put this into action and set up a day/time. We’ll even form some alliances there as well. One huge RP community in one spot.

Interested depending on the date and time.

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Following for date and time. The Sunreavers will definitely try and be present!

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Great to hear, Axiann!! Lets set this as March 23rd. Saturday at 7pm realm time! I’ll make a seperate post just for this!! Thank you all for your support! Try and advertise in trade chat and other regions for this as well!

While we all gather our newcomers into guilds, we can all RP together and build alliances for future events and share stories. I am new to this realm and would really like to know more of the guilds as well and what they are about

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When you have the new thread up, please post a link here.

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And here is the link to the new thread! Just trying to advertise for it in trade chat now

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make this particular date, but rest assured, Firebrand Enterprises will be there!

Sorry you wont be able to be there, but here’s to hoping Firebrand Enterprises puts on quite the show! =) Hope to see you all there as well! Silverclove Coalition will be there representing as well!