[H] Grobbulus <The Body Type Ones> 25m Thurs/Fri 6pm ST

" The Body Type Ones " (“The Boys” except using blizzards new gender terminology) is a casual 10m raiding guild currently recruiting to fill a core 25m raid group.

Raids are on Thursdays/Fridays at 6pm ST up to 10pm and then continuing beyond that with a vote (1 no and we stop unless able to progress shorthanded).

We are currently 10m/25m 17/17 with OS 2D and clear all content weekly.
Loot Council MS > OS

We value fun/comradery over gearscore/clear times/personal skill. We range from new players still learning the raids/game to skilled veterans that have been playing since vanilla. We are looking for people that can bring a positive and willful attitude with an understanding that we are here to enjoy the game above all else.

Ideally we are looking for people that are able to reliably show up at each raid on time to avoid puging, however we understand how life works and just ask that you give us as much notice as possible via discord if you are unable to make a raid or will be late. If you have a main in another guild and are looking for a spot for your alt we will accept alts for raiding as long as you can stay reliable/consistent with them weekly.

On off days we like to help each other with personal goals/achievements and PvP BG/Arena/World PvP and even play other games with each other. This is not a zerg guild, your requests will not go unheard.

Trolling and/or being a douche to guildies will not be tolerated
Being toxic in a general sense that would reflect poorly on the guild will not be tolerated

Free guild repairs
Free enchants

I am Royal#3082 in Discord and Arenaftw or Arenaftl in-game.

Guild Leader: Actnatural
Officers: Roserrade, Seravalta