[H] Grobbulus <Dawnbreaker> Early Morning Weekends

Raidtimes are Sat/Sun 10a PDT - invites 9:30a.

2 Full Raid Teams (Saturday and Sunday teams – both teams raid both days during progression)

Both teams have cleared the current content.

We are a very active guild, hosting both 20 and 40 man GDKP raids during the week in the morning and evening hours.

Discord - Popboffin#9483

Currently seeking:

  • Resto Shamans
  • Holy Priests
  • Mages
  • [all other classes and specs will still be considered].

We are looking for dedicated raiders and active players.

General Rules

  • Be respectful of your guildmates
  • Do not beg for gold
  • Do not expect free stuff from your guildmates
  • Do not spam public chats with stupid remarks
  • Do not be a jerk towards non-guildmates as this will reflect on the guild itself
  • Inactivity for more than 14 days or 5 raids

Still seeking active early morning weekend raiders for our ranks!

Still seeking Fury Warriors, Holy Priests, and Mages for our raid teams!

Discord - Popboffin#9483

Bump now that Grobb transfers are open