[H] <Goomz> Barth - Sun/Mon Guild LF DPS (8/8H) (3/8M)

(Krimsonmyst) #25

We’re taking a night off for Easter Sunday but will be hitting up Crucible of Storms on Monday - great opportunity for a trial if you’re interested!

Looking for 1-2 Ranged DPS and 2x Healers!


Still looking for a few.

(Krimsonmyst) #27

After 1 tank (with DPS OS) and good DPS.


Still looking for a tank with DPS OS.

(Krimsonmyst) #29

We have a tank going on holiday for most of May - would love a replacement to work themselves into our core team :slight_smile:


We have a few spots for trials this coming sunday in CoS!

(Krimsonmyst) #31

Have now got a pretty well rounded group and all we need are DPS.

Literally just about any class can work, so long as you can pull your share of numbers!


DPS DPS DPS - where you all at? Mages and Warlocks in high priority!

(Krimsonmyst) #33

Looking for good, competent dps still.

If you’re a little undergeared, we’ll help you!


After 1 or 2 melee dps :slight_smile:

(Krimsonmyst) #35

Still looking for good and reliable dps! 7-10PM Server on Sunday and Monday :slight_smile:


Still after competent DPS!

(Krimsonmyst) #37

Down to just needing a few ranged DPS to fill out the core group. Mages and Warlocks are high priority!


Still after ranged DPS.

(Krimsonmyst) #39

Heroic Restless Cabal dead.


Updated for 8.2 Recruitment.

(Krimsonmyst) #41

After some DPS for 8.2.

All welcome - Ranged and Melee spots available in core group.


Still chasing classes listed in OP.

(Krimsonmyst) #43

Looking for 1x Mage + 1x Boomkin.


After ranged DPS. Warlock/Boomkin/Shadow Priest ideally.