[H] <Goomz> Barth - Sun/Mon Guild LF DPS (3/8 Mythic)

(Krimsonmyst) #1

Hi there!

Goomz on Barthilas Horde is looking for more DPS for Mythic EP.

Currently 3/8M.

Our schedule is as follows:
• Sunday: 7:30 - 10:30pm Server Time
• Monday: 7:30 - 10:30pm Server Time

We are on the lookout for a Warlock & Boomkin for our Core Team. Excellent Ranged DPS is encouraged to enquire.

We also offer casual spots and M+ only positions in addition to raid positions. We have an active community who run keys most nights, and we also have a Classic guild on Yojamba.

BattleTag: Krimsonmyst#1273
Discord: Krimsonmyst#0807

Looking for guild

Rastakhan ded!


Still need a tank to join our core team.


Need 1 healer + some DPS!


C’mon more DPS, hit it like you mean it!


More dps please :wink:

(Krimsonmyst) #11

now 8/9H! Mekka and Blockade down in one night.


Jaina to 14% on first night of attempts - join in time to get AotC next week!

(Krimsonmyst) #13

Do warlocks and mages not exist anymore?


AotC this Monday!

(Krimsonmyst) #15

Jaina to 9%, going down tonight!


Still looking for more DPS

(Krimsonmyst) #17

We’re now officially Ahead of the Curve!


Up we go :wink:

(Krimsonmyst) #19

Bump :slight_smile:


Still looking for people for Mythic, but also for Crucible of Storms and onwards to 8.2!

(Krimsonmyst) #21

Ranged DPS in such short supply!


Bump, up we go

(Krimsonmyst) #23

Taking a break for Easter Sunday, but will be hitting up Crucible of Storms (Normal -> Heroic) next Monday - join us, won’t you?


Still looking for another healer and RDPS to round out the team for CoS.