[H-Ghostlands] 8/8 Heroic EP Demon Hunter LF Mythic EP Spot(waitlist is fine) 439 Ilvl


I’m in a family/casual guild but I’m a hardcore raider at heart. I returned to the game a few months back after having had a few years off. I used to be very hardcore, have a couple of server first titles for raiding, etc. I came back thinking I would just be casual but that desire to raid harder and more complex content resurfaced. I’m at a point to where my friends/family cannot help me get any further.

I’m not looking to change guilds but I am looking for a spot if your short someone. I can make myself available 24/7 just name the time and day. I have a mic, Discord, all necessary mods, etc. I come fully prepared with highest level food, flasks, runes and anything else I might need. I have my class specific Benthic pieces with gem slots for EP. I know my role on each boss and follow Raid Leader orders very well.

My DPS will not disappoint!(I’m at the top of the meters in 99% of everything I do) I know it’s a long shot but if any Ghostlands Horde guilds find themselves short then I’d be happy to fill in. I also don’t mind being on waitlist/standby on your raid night in case one of your people has to go.


We are forming a tight group of raiders that easy to talk to and very driven to excel at killing bosses and gearing up. If you want in on a awesome group of guys that very well might be your life long friends hit me up.