[H] Geared SPriest LF Raiding Guild

G’day Felstrikers,

I have recently made Felstriker my home and am looking for a Horde raiding guild to join. I have cleared BWL/MC/Ony already and am raid geared (Anathema, Choker, etc etc) as well as having a 6/8 T1+2/8 T2 Healing set which I am competent with.

Preferably looking for Friday/Saturday/Monday/Tuesday & 730PM server time onwards (any combination of those days) raiding guild with a good bunch of blokes and sheilas who enjoy a bit of pvp outside of raiding. I’m open to other rosters but may need to play more of a Casual role on other days.

Please drop me a message if you think a friendly SPriest will work in your roster! Chevolution#11517