[H] <Gamers Inn> 9/10H LFM Mon & Tues 9p-12a CST

A long azz f!@#$ing time ago in the sun-scorched suburbs of Phoenix, a group of socially awkward nerds would meet after school at a hobby shop named Gamers Inn to play World of Warcraft, D&D, card games, eat junk food, and try to convince each other that they knew how to talk to girls.

Over a decade later this group has banded together to form a guild to kill bosses and chew bubble gum… and they’re all out of bubble gum…

About Us:
We like to have fun but we put our try hard pants on during raid. Right now we’re recruiting aggressively to expand to Mythic. For now we’re farming heroic and gearing our alts. A lot of us do M+ 10’s - 14’s pretty regularly to keep our IO scores relevant and get fat weekly chests rewards.

Raid Times - Monday & Tuesday - 9p to 12a CST
Normal/Alt Raid Time - Sunday Evenings around 7p CST

Who We’re Looking For:
Players of any experience level that are looking for a fun raid environment while also staying forcused to kill bosses. Class-wise we could still use a WW Monk, Rogue, Warrior, DH, Mage, Shadowpriest, and anything with healer off-spec. We’re also looking for 1 more healer perf Monk or Priest. Our 2nd tank is going Elemental so we’re in need of a Tank as well.

Lastly, we’re looking for people who can show up to raid consistently and on time.

We provide feast, cauldrons, enchants, gems, and potions. All you have to do is show up.

Tradable loot is rolled with MS>OS and Main>Alt.

GM Ingame -Frankzor or on Discord at Ministar#8215
RL Ingame - Ninezip or on Discord at Confide47#2332
Officer Ingame - Leighna or on Discord at Leighna#2554

Side note: We’re killing Sire soon. Come get AoTC with us :smiley:

Hope to hear from you soon! :grin: <3

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bump for franks foot flakes.


Carlin’s First Law of Comedy - Any sufficiently advanced comedy is ultimately indistinguishable from bad comedy

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feet picks are banned

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are meter pics okay though?

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Yes please lol

it is thursday

We need a taaaaank

It is now Saturday

Bumpin for tanks

Bump. Need some peeps

bumpity bump

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Team! We’re on sire prog wooooot!

Really great team to be a part of. I’m very happy I found them and look forward to progression through Shadowlands with these kind folks!

Hopefully we kill Sire this week!

Gonna down sire monday!

You guys still looking for a tank? Check me out!

We recently recruited one but we’ll keep you posted! I like your style!

I love this guild!!

Still need a tank and DPS!