[H] <Game Over> (8/9 AQ) LF Resto Shaman & 1 DPS

Guild Name : Game Over
Server : Netherwind
Faction : Horde
PVE & PVP US 18+ Semi-Hardcore Guild
DISCORD: https ://discord.gg/KcHnVRz

We are currently recruiting to solidify our one and only raid team. If you are looking for a guild that you can call home, and join a family of friends look no further. We have something for the casual player, to the most experienced member with more availability. We are a guild made up of real life and in game friends that make up a myriad of different WoW play styles and backgrounds ranging from Classic to Live WoW. Some PVE focused, some PVP. Whether this if your first time playing classic, or you are a returning veteran we would love to have you join our ranks! Let’s recreate some great memories we were once so fond of, and relive the nostalgia!

Things were likely very different your first time around, fast forward to today and we all have more responsibilities and likely less play time than we had once upon a time. We plan to be as efficient as possible with our raiding schedule, accomplishing more with less time. We are a family first mentality, we all have our real life duties. When we aren’t on farm content, we plan to take raiding seriously. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun. Afterall, why play the game if it’s not for the adventure, and fun? We are a mature guild, so expect adult content and crude jokes. Powder puffs need not apply.

There once was a time where not only your own reputation, but your guild’s reputation meant a lot to the community. We plan on taking our reputation seriously, and ask you to do the same.

Raid Schedule during progression :

Monday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST (For the first 4 weeks of new content)
Tuesday: 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST
Thursday 8:00pm - 12:00am EST

Progression :
Molten Core - 10/10
Onyxia - 1/1
Black Wing Lair - 8/8
AQ40: 7/9 (C’Thun downed)

Requirements :

  • 18+
  • Don’t be a douche
  • The use of Discord during raids

Loot system :
DKP - That way you can plan to gear your toon your way! (Main spec > Off spec of course)

  • On time bonus
  • End of raid bonus
  • DKP every 30m
  • DKP per boss kill
  • Progression kill bonus
  • Bonus DKP from weekly contribution
  • All bids in /raid for full transparency using Monolithdkp addon that shows all history

Recruitment :
Open to all class/specs for social, pvp, and raid backing up positions. For core raiders (must maintain 75% raid attendance) we are recruiting:

Even if your current class/spec is not being recruited, we will always consider exceptional candidates.

Druid - CLOSED

Hunter - 1


Priest - CLOSED

Rogue - 1

Shaman - 1 (Resto - bonus dkp possible!)

Warlock - CLOSED

Warrior - CLOSED

Guild rank structure :

  • Guild leadership
  • Core raider (Must maintain 75%+ raid attendance)
  • Raider (Backup Raider)
  • PVP (Strictly for PVP purposes and no PVE content)
  • Social

If interested in joining our ranks please contact one of us via in game, or Discord:

Guild Leader: Blackbetty
Recruitment Officer / Co-GM: Petraeus (Discord: ExoDus#3126)
Officers: Coltz, Duyen, Nismoe, Xmedice

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How is your Rag progression?

UPDATE: Rag downed tonight

Still looking for a few core raiders!

Still looking for a few more raiders!

LF a few more DPS and 1 back up healer