[H] *Galvanized* 9/10H Zul'Jin W/TH 8-10 PM EST


Building raid team for AOTC and Mythic future

About the guild:

Galvanized is a guild of close friends who decided we wanted to launch our own community.

The guild has various types of players from individuals who have Mythic raid experience to those that are more social in nature.

Goal for the group:

As it stands right now our primary goal for season 1 of Shadowlands would be to get AOTC. We would like to build for the future and establish a quality team that could enter mythic level raiding. We are currently 9/10H. We are looking to speed things up and get AOTC.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for players that can perform well in raid and mythic plus environments. Performance is important and we will make sure we do everything we can to help any incoming player be successful.

We value positive attitudes and look forward to meeting any interested individual.

Currently we are looking for (1) Healer preferably a Holy Pally and a few DPS (Fire Mage, Unholy Dk, Marksmenship Hunter).

Raid Schedule:


For more information contact me @
Bnet: schwanz315#1763

Down goes Sludgefist! Still looking for players!

Still looking for more as we work our way towards mythic raid.

Next is Sire!