[H] Fury Warrior 395ilvl LF Evening Raiding

Hi all! I’m looking for a new guild that raids 2-3 nights a week Tuesday-Thursday. I’m located on the East coast so I’d prefer to not raid later than 11pm.

I most heavily raided back in WoTLK but had to go mostly casual due to real life situations. I raided on my rogue up to 7/8 heroic in Uldir until the guild I was with split up. I’ve had a difficult time finding a stable guild which pushed me away from the game until 8.2. My goal is to push for AOTC each tier and maybe some mythic.

Late Night Pain Train, LNPT, is recruiting members to continue current progression through raiding along with mythic plus and other various outside activities such as PVP, achievement runs, etc. Our raid times are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 10-12 server EST. On zul’jin
The main focus is having a team of solid players that maintain a positive attitude during raids and encouraging toward other guildmates with the emphasis on improving and growing as we continue to work our way through each new level of challenging content.
We are recruiting all classes and specs and encourage our members to play what that enjoy.
For more information please contact Jabinee, Gorkow, Drakopolis, Mutaka, Holyapple or Brutall.
Battle Tags. Jabini#1699 Gortao#1301

Hi Holyapple, thanks for the interest but your raid times are a little later than what I’m looking for. I have some flexibility but don’t want to consistently raid until midnight.

Server: Blackhand/Galakrond
Faction: Horde
Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 7:30PM – 10:30PM CST

Enlightened Dark is recruiting for 8.2 The Eternal Palace. We are currently looking for members of all calibers to fill our ranks; in need of healers and dps to fill out raids. We are a casual progression guild whose goal is to get AoTC for current content then try and move into Mythic as much as possible.

Raid times are Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:30 CST. There is also optional Sunday runs at the same time for further pushing at the start of a raid tier and social/alt runs later in the season.

What to expect from us

  • Raiding at a semi-casual level, but still clearing content in a reasonable time frame.
  • Help with providing raid consumables and enchants/gems
  • Help with classes or in game knowledge when needed

What we expect from you

  • Be respectful! (we like to joke around and have fun with each other, this includes non-pc; if it is being directed at you and you don’t like it please say something and we will stop but don’t expect others to stop making jokes with each other)
  • Be prepared for raids (consumable, strats, addons, etc)
  • Ability to listen, learn, and open to constructive criticism while learning
  • Prior notice if unable to make raids (let us know as soon as possible) we do understand real life happens!

Expansion Raiding Progression:

CoS - 2/2H(AoTC)

BFD - 1/8M 8/8H(AoTC)

Uldir - 2/8M 8/8H(AoTC)

if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via this forum, discord or in game. Also any of our officers in game: Ransom, Ranes, Raellia, Anxiety

Discord Corenne#7007
Battle tag frosty#1498

Armageddon Industries
Adult (ages 21+, 30+ preferred) Heroic AotC & M+ guild.
**T/Th 11pm-2am EST. **

We are recruiting more dps and a 1 healer for 8.2 Highest needed classes at this time are: Mage, Monk, Paladin, Hunter, Druid, Death Knight. All classes will still be considered, but Rogue and Demon Hunter is closed.

We do meta achieves when they are current, xmog/mount/achievement farming, and have a high desire to push more M+.

For more info see our current recruitment post.

Guild Master / Raid Lead
bnet = Armageddon#1974
discord = Skybolt#2791

Recruitment Officer
Battletag ID - Mirielle#1541
Discord ID - Miriel#2724

Server: Skullcrusher
Guild Style: Casual
Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 7:30pm to 11pm Server time (east coast)

All That Remains is the 2nd oldest guild on Skullcrusher server that is still active. We have been raiding together for going on 10 years. We are a smaller raid team (average 15-20 people per night). Our raid environment focuses on a casual, fun atmosphere. We our raid goals are to AOTC every tier that comes out and maybe do a few mythic bosses if we have the attendance to do so. We have not failed this goal on any tier.

We are actively recruiting a main tank and dps to maintain our ranks to continue progressing through content because we do lose members from time to time because life happens.

Flasks, food and repairs are provided by the raid team. All we ask is that you always do best and try and improve if you have the ability. Being a very casual raid team, attendance is not tracked and you are welcome to be on for raid if you are able to, it is never required. We have many members that will show up for raid once every few weeks when they are able too.

Your post makes you look like a good candidate for our raid because the times line up and you are already on our server group so you can save the money you’d otherwise spend on a transfer.

you are welcome to contact me via Battlenet : Varibash#1421