[H] Full Murloc LF Competent Raiders: 8/10H

About Us: Full Murloc is a Casual, Community-driven guild with an AOTC-focused Raid Team and an adult mindset. We’re always looking for new people to join our little pond, and have fun together.

Our Raid Team is led by a 7 year veteran with previous Cutting Edge experience.

If you’re looking for more from your guild than just logging on and seeing some other names on the roster, then we may be the place for you! We pride ourselves on making every member feel like a part of the family that is Full Murloc, and we’d love to see you join us!

We Raid Friday/Saturday 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM EST or Zul’jin Server Time.

Wants and Needs: If your class/spec is not shown below, still feel free to reach out to us!

We are currently looking for the following Classes and/or Specs:

DPS: Warlock, Deathknight, Boomkin, Mage, DemonHunter, Spriest, Ele Shaman, Rogue, WW Monk.

Heals: Only taking Off-Spec Healers at this time.

Any DPS with a Strong Healing/Tanking Off-Spec is welcomed to apply also!

Contact info:

Please reach out to any officer in-game or via Battle net and Discord:

Ahlu:- Parafuni (Ahlunia)#5578 (Discord) - Parafuni#1135 (Bnet)

Fury:- Fury#3259 (Discord) - Killerpox#1990 (Bnet)

Lay:- Laylreith#2043 (Discord)

Come raid with us and have fun!

Recruiting up until our first raiding day of 9.1! Get in guild and prep for everything with a stable, multi-AOTC, social/casual community!

Do you guys have any desire at all to do some casual mythic progression (first couple/few bosses of a tier)? Or are you strictly AOTC and that’s it?

I’m sorry we got back to you so late. Currently, our main focus is AOTC, however, we’re always open to discussing Mythic with the team if there’s a desire to do so. We just agree that the entirety of the team has to be on board with doing that level of content before we pursue it. I hope that answers your question and anyone else’s who reads this.

Looking for a Community based guild for some raiding to be done in 9.1? Come to our pond! The water is perfect!

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Still gathering Raiders of all classes and specs for 9.1 AOTC progression!

Raid Meeting to be had before 9.1 content.

Want a no stress environment for your raid? Then come check us out!

Still Looking as we get closer to 9.1! Guild/Raid Meeting on the 25th! Contact us on the info provided.

Mgrlgrlgrlgrlgrl! We are Murloc! Mrglgrlgrlgrl!

Hide and Seek event tonight! Guild/Raid Meeting yesterday was awesome with a huge turnout! Come get involved with a veteran social community.

Updated our class and spec requirements!

Come join us in raid, and be there from the beginning as we work towards AOTC!

Don’t hesitate to get your weekend raiding on!

Join a team that has gotten AOTC every tier since 8.2! Tanks are quickly welcomed!

Had a great start to the weekend, tackling Heroic for two boss kills and now continuing our Normal Prog as we aim for Painsmith and Guardian on our hit list.

Come join a casual raid team that actually works towards the goal they set out.

Woohoo! Murlocs are starting strong in raid and having fun together!

Updated our wants and needs, including room for a tank position! Come join us in our steady N and H prog!

Shooting for the Full Clear in Normal this weekend, taking the requested Classes and Specs posted above to Heroic Prog. Permanent Positions Available!

Got our Normal Full Clear out the way finally as we’ve been teasing ourselves with Heroic the past two weeks. Now Heroic is the main agenda, expect great things from the team and come be a part of said greatness!

Come experience the joy of killing bosses together with a team of friends!