[H] Frostmourne/Jubei'thos/Gundrak/Dreadmaul/Thaurissan <ACTUS REUS> 4/8M - Raiding Guild

Malaysian/SG/Brunei Raiding guild looking for raiders to join our raiding roster.

Raid Times

Wednesday : 9.00-11.30pm GMT +8
Thursday : 9.00-11.30pm GMT +8
Monday : 9.00-11.30pm GMT +8

About Us:

Established since 2013, we are mainly a Malaysian/ Singapore/ Brunei guild who enjoys raiding and doing M+ as a guild. Bahasa Malaysia is how we usually converse. Our current progress is 3/8M and looking for more people to join our roster. Come join us!

Looking For:
-Any DPS are welcome. Pref DH/Mage/Warrior


Contact us in game!


bump. we raiding 9:30-11pm +8 gmt this fasting month but will go back to 9-12 after eid. hit us up we need youuu

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We are looking for people to fill in roster for 10.1!

Hi. Have sent you an addition request.

I can play a variety of specs for you guys depending on your needs and have CE experience on a couple of those that you seek.

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Hi. Myself and 5 other friends are looking to be a part of your roster for 10.1. We’ve your required dh, mage, warr and more. Can fill healer/tank or any other classes you require. Past expac CE raiders, m+ pushers, good logs etc.

Open for a discussion at your convenience, hit me up at Hummey#1340

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Sure just hit me up on bnet.