[H] Friends Looking for Heroic Raiding Guild

Hi! Myself and about 2, and a possible third, other friends are looking for a weekend heroic raiding guild (Fridays work as well) that raid between 9pm-12am EST (8pm-11pm server). We are currently on Emerald Dream

We’re mature guys just looking for a relaxed environment and a good group of people to have a good time with and down some content.

One is a flex healer, one is a healer, and one is a dps (wanting to get into tanking), and the possible third has played all 3 roles in raid.


Hi there,

We may have room for a group your size. I think the times would work as well, and we’re AOTC focused for each tier. You can read more and get my contact info if you’d like from my post:

I’d like to talk to you, as our raid times (8:30-11 EST) and needs (healer, flex heals, and dps with tank offspec), would sync very well with what you have described. I will look for you online, and feel free to add me on NGDMensrea#1491.

Hey there, we are looking for 1 healer, a dps with a healing offspec, and dps. Our raid times seem to match up perfectly.

here is my spam, message one of the officers listed in it if youre interested.