[H] Friday night raid 9pm-12am EST 8/10H CN - LF Heal/DPS

[H] < Assembly Required > is recruiting healers and dps for a relaxed and fun evening of heroic progression. Raid runs on Fridays from 9pm-midnight EST, and our current progression is 8/10H CN. This would be ideal for those looking for a very light raid schedule, or those looking to find a consistent raid for their alts. A guild invite is required - we may open up this up to friends in other guilds later, but for now, we’d like to keep it an in-house raid.

We expect raiders to have a general knowledge of their class/spec and be able to carry their weight. There is an item level requirement of 193. If interested, please reach out to CallaLily#1369.

Come join us for a fun heroic raid!!

Myself and 4 others would be interested.

We should chat - add me on Bnet CallaLily#1369

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we are now 7/10

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1 day per week raid for all you busy folks and alt lovers

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