[H] <Frens> recruiting for phase 2

<Recruiting: Holy or Ret Paladin, Resto Druid, Hunter, Warlock, Resto or Ele Shaman>

Current Progression:
Phase 1 is fully cleared and is on farm.

Current Raid Status:
3-Kara Grps
1-25 man Grp

<Raiding TUE/WED 8:00pm Server Time>

We are a laid back group of mostly 20-30-year-old guys looking to raid with an eye towards progression and performance. Must have a thick skin when it comes to discord discourse and feedback on your gameplay. Also, be self-sufficient when it comes to min/maxing your character. If you are interested then reach out in-game or discord to one of the contacts below.

Contacts in Discord

braelon miles#3514

Contacts in-game