[H] <Freakin Unicorns> 9/10M 10/10H Castle Nathria - Mythic Raiding Guild LFM

Cleared all of heroic and 2/10M in one night, that leaves us two days for mythic prog. You wanna come raid with some quality peeps? FU is the place. M Destroyer on Thursday, come hang.


Are you still recruiting healers by any chance? And if so, where can I fill out an application? :grin:

Still seeking some solid individuals. Feel free to reach out to one of the officers with any questions. Enjoy your weekend.

Now 3/10M, still looking for a real solid WW monk to come hang with us as we yeet bosses into the Maw.

Great night clearing out farm. Still looking for a few solid individuals.

Still looking for a good Unholy DK, annnnnd some other classes. If interested please reach out.

One fish, two fish, red fish, windwalker monk. Please come hang with us.

Recruiting being scoped down to basically a boomie and a WW at this point. Exceptional players always free to apply, etc etc. Blasting continues tonight, going for that yung 4/10M.

Hi. My name’s Biff this guild is a banger. Still looking for UH DK, RSham, Hpal, Disc priest, boomie!

Now with an app. Apply today!

Howdy! We’re badly in need of a quality healer or an experienced tank, please reach out. The application simplifies everything :slight_smile:

In need of some heals and dps!

Aight, now we’re 4/10M so we’re looking for some people who wanna prog on Kael. Because that fight is fun. Sorta.

Hey! 2/10M and AOTC WW monk looking to join if you guys are still looking for one

Bumping! Still in need of ranged DPS, come blast with the homies.

Still looking for some real bangers of players

Bump, bump, bump senora, bump your body right.

Downing more bosses by the day, might even be 6/10 tonight. Come blast.

I’m a prophet, we are indeed 6/10M. Xy’mox down in 16 pulls, are we mechanical gods? Come find out! Apply today!

Still looking for more healers or exceptional players