(H) Foxwoods adding members

(Vurin) #1
Did you know Foxwoods is one of the oldest guilds on Malbane? We would like to bolster our ranks to grow the guild an increase activity for all. We are older players who like to do a little questing, raiding, mythics, achievements, and BS in a relaxed open atmosphere. With real life as the priority, we are most active evenings and weekends. If you think this is a guild for you, whisper, Gracielou or Vurin. We would be grateful to have you. FOR THE HORDE!

We raid on Fri @ 8:45PM EST. We are working on Uldir 4/9N . The average age is 42. Discord is our VOIP client. We are a no stress group just killing things and laughing along the way.

If you are interested, whisper Lirdorf, Vurin, Gracielou, or Darsan in game, drop maxwarrior#1676 a friend invite; or whisper any guildee in game.

(Vurin) #2
Happy to have more