[H] <Flavor of the Month> 6/10M is now recruiting for Shadowlands CE!

Flavor of the Month

Tuesday and Thursday

6/10 M
FotM is currently recruiting for our Mythic Progression Roster. We are a returning guild with previous Cutting Edge experience and competitive Mythic Raiding leadership looking for like-minded raiders who are CE oriented.

Core Raiders are expected to be knowledgeable of raid fights before pulls, open to and actively seeking feedback on performance, and willing to be reasonably flexible as the raid comp requires.

Our goal is to push for Cutting Edge quickly and efficiently, allowing us to remain competitive on a two day raid schedule.

Currently we are looking for warlocks and a disc priest, but all classes are welcome to apply.
If you’re interested in joining, please contact us!

Discord: skins#5393
Bnet: skins#11610

I like cookies

Still looking

Currently looking for a MM hunter and shadow priest!

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Still looking for big pumpin’ hunters and spriests to trial!