[H] <Fires of Heaven> Tues-Thurs 6-9pm server (currently down to one night)

UPDATE: Next week BWL and MC will be done in one night. We’re seeking two priests!

Fires of Heaven is a 20+ year old gaming community that has been around since the Everquest days, we were one of the first major raiding guilds in WoW with members who have played off and on for years.

Our current guild ranges from casual-minded to hardcore players, we ‘meet’ in the middle as a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Further meaning: we have people that parse pink, hit 1k+ damage, camp songflower, gather buffs, and consumables for raids like its their second job — to people that raid log and turn up 15 minutes before the raid because they actually have two jobs.

Yes, we’re the real Fires of Heaven team, home to Furor (the lead world designer of this very game) and the infamous forum firesofheaven dot org.

Some of us are old jaded gamers who have loved this game since the beginning and are back to re-live the old glory days. We used to be some of the most successful hardcore gamers with a track record to prove it - now we just want to smash some dragons without pretending this is a god damn e-sport. With that said, we are generally fearless and successful at what we do. We were killing bosses in MC with sub-20 numbers back in September and still managed to clear the zone ahead of most on Whitemane. We just recently finished out BWL with a count of 34-38 players and finished top 10 horde. On our second week in BWL we cleared it in two hours.

Al Bundy is the guild’s spirit animal; if you don’t know about four touchdowns in one game or Christina Applegate in the early 90s - we’ll force a Hulu account on you to watch it before you pass trial.

Generally, we seek players that try and are fun to be around. Superb logs are fantastic but if you’re just one to not talk to anyone or make a friend or two this isn’t the guild for you. We will not pass people through trial we don’t know.

PROGRESS: MC: 10/10 Ony: 1/1 BWL: 8/8


Tues-Thurs 6-9PM PST (9pm-12am EST).

Weekend Casual/Alt Raids Friday and Saturday

Unlike many guilds on the Server we only run 1 main team but are always open to casual players and setting up extra casual runs.


Druid: Closed

Hunter: Closed

Mage: Closed

Priest: High

Rogue: Low

Shaman: Low – Give us your totems

Warlock: Low

Warrior: Low

Exceptional players and people who feel like they are a good fit are encouraged to apply even if we aren’t actively looking for your role.


We are a Loot Council guild that uses a modified loot factor to make sure items are spread across the guild fairly. Loot is determined by class BIS, attendance, performance, and being prepared for raids with consumables. We value loot transparency and you can see the items awarded throughout our history going back to the first raid.

If you have any questions or feel you may be a good fit for us please contact Jasker in game or on battle . net @ Jasker#11583. Additional contacts are Boozecube, Sebudai, Aktinos, Wackyweed, and Chysamere in game.