[H] Fire Mage (222ilvl - 6/10M) LF CE Guild

As the title states, I’m looking for a guild that’s 6+/10 and pushing for CE this tier and onwards. I prefer a 3-day weekday schedule with evening hours. I’m open to weekend days as well.

What I like
Players that also enjoy the game and like to bs
Open communication
Respectful & constructive criticism
Gradual improvements in strategy

What I dislike
Poor / restricted communication

What I don’t mind
Being benched
Playing different specs or classes
Putting in additional days / time when needed

Hit me up to chat:
Discord - Chickenman#0060
Bnet - Chickenman#11653

Whats up chickenmanbb,

We’re on Area 52, however as of today Mythic is cross realm. Check us out :slight_smile:


Bump - still open for chats, HMU

Hello, I am recruiting for [H][Mal’Ganis]. We are currently 10/10 H 4/10 M and looking for good dps as we push further into Mythic Castle Nathria.

Our raid times are Sunday and Monday from 9 pm to 12 am est.

We are looking for raiders that are willing to put in time to improve and also show up to raid consistently. We also want a raider that is active in the guild and fits in well.

Aside from raiding our guild also does fun events and m+ pushing throughout the week.

You can contact me for more information at:

Discord: kw#1438
Bnet: Blank#1192