[H] <fellas> Recruiting for Raid 2!

What’s up Krom, < fellas > is recruiting for its Raid 2!

Our focus is on progression & speed running. We cleared all P1 content Week 1, including the Horde first Gruul kill. Top 25 US standings on leaderboards for Kara/Gruul/Mag. We run 6 Kara groups weekly. Both raids clear all content and we are about to start Gruul Splits soon for that phat loot.

We are currently looking for:

  • 1x Holy Paladin (Raid 2)

  • 1x Shadow Priest (Raid 2)

  • 1x Balance Druid (Raid 2)

Raid 1 - Hardcore Min/Max Meta Roster // Mon&Wed @ 730PM
Raid 2 - Semi-Hardcore Meta Roster // Tues&Sun @ 730PM

If you want to sweat on Horde side, we’re the place to be!

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are you recruiting dwarf warriors


I wish!

Bump btw. 3 spots left still.

  • Shaman (Ele or Resto)
  • Hunter
  • Priest (Disc or Holy)

If you guys wanna pump horde side in TBC, now’s your chance.

Bump. 2 spots left in our Core 25.

Need a priest healer and a resto shaman.

Bump. Need 1 arms warrior (swordsmith) and 1 resto shaman.

Bump. Updated our needs. We are expanding our roster to 30 raiders to run 3 kara groups ASAP. 4 openings.

/10 char

Do yall still need a arms warrior for tbc?

Sadly no! We are currently looking for 1 Paladin (Ret / Prot) and 1 Priest Healer.

are you recruiting undead paladins

Bump! Need a paladin still, a priest healer and a warlock or hunter DPS!

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To the top. Still need a paladin to complete our core!

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Bump. We have a few openings for raid 1 & 2!

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would not raid with benson , man has mental issues

Thanks for the bump alt coward!

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any time u toxic nerd

Bump. Raid 2 needs 1x Shadow Priest, 1x Holy Paladin, 1x Boomkin. Clears all content in a timely fashion!

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Bump. Main need is a boomkin but will consider all talented players.

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bump for recruits