[H]<Fallout> on Turalyon - Social raiding group

[H] on Turalyon-US A guild to call home :slight_smile:
Well established guild active since 2012 as Alliance and 2013 as Horde.

-WoW Raid Nights: Tues/Thurs 8:30pm-11:00 EST. Sat 9:00pm EST for alt and old content runs.
-Contact: Sieg#1546, or in game pst Siegmon, Sieghood, Neobovine, or Dd.
-Server: US-Turalyon

Detailed Info:
Peak guild times are evenings and weekends. Most guildies have 8-5 jobs and families. 30ish age group guild.
We use the chat program Discord. To get the full guild experience, we recommend joining it.
Fun talk between bosses and on trash. Yea…take a drink! …hic!
For boss explanations and fight itself, need focus and quiet.
Casual progression through Heroic level raids. Aim for AOTC each tier. Dabble on mythic bosses.
Now 8/8 Heroic in Eternal Palace.
We consider ourselves casual because its not detrimental if someone misses. Some have their off spec available when necessary. We make the group work with whoever shows. None of this “we’re looking for just X class and Y spec.” You can come try us out one night before transferring and just see if you like how things go. We don’t believe in benching large amounts just for a kill. It’ll happen as a team.
See postings on warcraftlogs and wowprogress for general guild abilities and activity. We log anything raid like!
For Tues/Thurs, recommend 20k+ and up just cuz we’re pushing heroic now.
We’re friendly regular people who have played a very long time and willing to teach.
If you’re new to Wow or coming back after a long time, our laid back normal raids on Saturday evening are a good place to start.
Saturday nights can also be raid achievement night too for the current tier or for the time walking raids.
We don’t just log in to raid. Many hang out in discord and do mythic pluses, pvp things or old raid content for mounts, transmog and achievements. Been known to quest, herb or look for pvp trouble together.
If you’re alliance, we’re rolling alliance on Incendius in classic which is also very active! Will pug into raids upon level 60! Plenty of time to level up still! Classic organized nights are Fridays and Sundays!
Our guild and its officers value team work and having fun together. Rawr! :slight_smile: If you’re looking for that forever guild home, consider giving us a shot.


Hey. Returning player here. I just hit 120 and I’m looking for a group to play with. Any way you could hit me up?

sure, I’ll be on tonight after work around 8:15 est. find me on siegmon or I’ll look for you on corvias.

I’ll be on Kirinah. Blood elf hunter. Thanks for the quick response!

Solid as always! Active in retail and classic. Will be going as a guild group several times for Obsidian Worldbreaker mount achieves come Nov. 16th when it drops! Saturday fun runs always!