[H] [Fairbanks] <Quarantine> 15/15 1 Night Clear Naxx | Premier Canadian | TBC Ready!| Semi-Hardcore

< Quarantine >

Guild Type:
Horde - Semi-hardcore – 15/15 Naxx - Single Night Clear Naxx! - 80% attendance, world buffs, and consumes required. Player summons available for buffs prior to raid. Gbank is utilized to help guild progression with mitigating consumable/gearing requirements.

“Dadcore” Raid team being established for more laidback raiding with lower requirements than a semi-hardcore. Seeking all classes to supply this raid and continue running all available content with it.

Will be going into The Burning Crusade as a guild! Stay with us!

About Us:
We’re a mostly Canadian guild but have members from all over the world raiding with us that are full of various experience, adding up to around 15 years of classic/vanilla wow/P server experience, and as little as Classic being their first ever PC game. Lots of Day 1 classic players still enjoying the game with the friends who join. We’re very mindful and respectful of one another and promoting a good atmosphere that coincides with comradery. Strive to succeed with focusing on improving individually and collectively as a raid. Sharing information and strategies so that we can constantly grow. We’ve been fortunate to maintain our core group of laid back people to laugh our way through the content and collect the gear. Community is our focus! We’re always welcome of all walks of life.

Main Raid - Tuesday & Thursday - 07:30pm – 10:30pm PST - Naxxramas 15/15 clears.

Optional Soft Res PUG Saturday – AQ40 / BWL / Alt runs / Dungeon leveling

Optional Soft Res PUG Sunday – 04:00pm – MC / BWL / 20mans / Alt runs / Dungeon leveling

Dadcore Raid Team:
Wednesday & Saturday 07:30pm - 10:30pm PST

Loot - Transparent Loot Council based on attendance, performance, and effort. Most items are posted/slated for specific people ahead of time and allows for easier open floor discussions regarding the guilds overall intentions which is PVE focused.

Recruiting Roles:

Officers - both “hardcore” and “dadcore” spots.

Recruiters - both raid groups.

Class leaders - both raid groups.

Recruiting Classes:

Resto Shaman

Disc/Holy Priest

DPS Warriors

Offtanks (Warrior or Feral are okay)




Open recruitment for skilled and dedicated players, socials, and pvpers.

We welcome anyone who might be looking for a nice relaxing place to group with others, running dungeons for mains/alts/socials/friends, finding pvp premades, and level the plethora of alts we all have.


Discord: Denied#4224

Please PM me via discord or in-game:


Guild bank supplies maple syrup for raids Eh!

10/10 best “toxic” guild since fury

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Its a complete sentence Blizzard

We’re still looking to add to our community! Would like so big pumper warriors or resto shams! Incentives available ;]

Does this smell funny to you?

Still seeking additional members to join our dysfunctional family of ayyyyyy’s and 'muricans!!

Wait a minute… This isnt where I parked my car.

What does mine say?!

I was once a blue parse andy, but thanks to Quarantine. I am now blue parse andy in T3. Thanks Quarantine!

Seeking candidates to push into TBC with us…

We are currently pushing out information and content to help people prepare for TBC - including people rerolling and getting equipped into some Naxx gear prior to potential TBC launch.

Fun group looking for more laidback, likeminded individuals!

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Hey. Just added you on discord, I’d love to chat to you about this! Hit me up :slight_smile:

  • Khai

Still looking for more people to push into TBC with us!!

Lots of information available on our discord and organizing for the anticipation of the release date for TBC.

Still clearing Naxxramas and the older content. Bring your new mains to come get kitted to ease leveling to 70!

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Look im a resto shaman!

Tons of information and arrangements for TBC being posted on our discord. Get ahead of the curve with TBC organization by joining us! We do all the hard work for you!

Lots of active and casual players are joining us for TBC launch… Leveling groups and more casual questing groups in the guild.

looking to join a guild that I could see a lot of the content with, I was a hardcore raider/pvper from bc-wotlk. I have always wanted to do MC forward.

just started playing classic last week I have a level 35 warlock and I’m willing to jump over to your server.


Hey that’s awesome! Welcome back to WoW! Let us know if you have anymore questions or would like an invite to discord!

Denied#4224 on discord.


There is a moose on the loose. Not gonna name names, but we all know who it is.

We’re still pumping and clearing content including full clears of Naxx, AQ40, BWL, MC, and 20mans… Preparing our mains / future mains for TBC…

Come check out our discord for tons of content if you want to do your TBC homework.

Creating groups for TBC launch for those who want to pump.
Not required but encouraged if you’re willing!

Reach out now!

Denied#4224 on discord =]

Looking forward to seeing new recruits !