[H] Faerlina <Unrealistic Expectations> 25man 9/9HM LFM - Thur 8-11 | Sun 8-12

About Us:

Unrealistic Expectations (formerly Sovereign-Sulfuras) is a long standing group of players dating back to mid-late classic, building throughout TBC and eventually joining Faerlina for WOTLK. Our focus is to clear the current content on a weekly basis and pursue clearing Hardmodes/Heroic/Achievements through each phase.

Current 25man progress: 9/9HM + Alg
Current 10man progress: 9/9HM + Alg

Raid Times:

Thursday 8-11 Est (Server time)
Sunday 8-12 Est (Server time)
Monday 8-11 (Cleanup day if needed)


We use DKP for Armor items and Loot Council for Weapons & Trinkets. This allows players to have immediate power over certain items they want to strive for while still allowing the guild to distribute weapons and trinkets evenly to balance the power of our raiders.

Currently Recruiting:
1-2 DPS - 1 Healer

Balance druid
Elemental Shaman
Enhancement Shaman
Feral Druid
Unholy DK
Resto shaman
Holy Paladin

Any exceptional players feel free to reach out even if you class isn’t listed.

Guild Perks:

Our guild provides: Guild repairs, Enchanting materials, Gems, Feasts. Gold bonus for staying through a phase.

Contact Us:

Discord: DB#4537
Bnet: Gems#1112

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to the top the bump goes.

immediate spots available for ulduar ready dps.

dps are still needed.

Looking for 1 healer - resto sham or holy priest
ranged dps still always welcome!

Still interested in solid ranged dps and 1 shaman of any type.

Looking for people who want to raid regularly. If you need help catching up in gear, that isn’t a problem.