[H-Faerlina] <the boys are back> Wednesday 8PM-12 ST | Multiple 10/10 Pre-nerf Raids Recruiting

Recruitment Summary
We are working on filling the last few spots in our third raid moving into T6. This raid is a combination of alts of main raiders and mains of players not in one of our two other raids. The expectations for this group are the same as main raid in terms of preparation, performance, and attendance. This raid is managed by the same raid leader as the main raid, and benefits from the guild’s infrastructure and resources just as much as either of the other raids. The goal for this raid is to clear T6 as fast as possible and farm it every week moving forward until eventual Sunwell progression.

About the Guild
Tight knit PVE progression and PVP focused guild that has the goal of clearing content quickly and efficiently each week. We have multiple rank-1 PVPers (retail and TBC Classic) as well as world class Mythic raiders, many of which have played together for over 10 years. We offer a very stable and tight knit environment with competent and competitive players.

Wednesday 8PM-12AM Server (invites at 7:45PM).

Loot System
Loot Council which prioritizes performance, consistent attendance, and preparation. If you own and are consistent, you will get loot.

Current Needs
Feral Druid Tank
Restoration Shaman

Contact Info
Zekke#9741 (Discord), Zekke#1124 (Battle.net), Zekke/Zekked/Zekkeh (in-game)

Still looking for Feral/locks/shaman! Cleared 10/10 the first raid in under 3 hrs.