[H] [Faerlina] <Second Attempt> LF2M full time raiders

Second Attempt is a newly formed Horde guild on Faerlina after transferring off a dead Horde server.

A core majority of us have been raiding on and off with each other since classic wow, and have made some good friends along the way so far in TBC. We have a handful of players interested in PvP as well

We are currently 8/10 with Vashj and KT in our sites

We are a LC guild with great emphasis on Preparedness, Performance and Attendance. You will be expected to come to raid with full consumes gear enchanted with the correct enchants and gemmed with correct gems (Yes we do enforce this to the best of our ability)

Raid nights will be Tue/Thur 7:30-11:00 Est
For progression Tue will be Gruul–>SSC and Thursday will be Mag–>TK with the goal to eventually phase out Mag/Gruul (After a few DST’s) and get all t5 content into 1 night

We are currently in high demand for
Resto Shaman
Holy Priest

All other classes welcome to inquire as we will be running a performance based roster.

PM Piddlen#1083 or Glenn#8939 on Discord with any questions or inquiries

Stop coming to faerlina and go to whitemane pls