(H) [Faerlina] <Rare> - 10/10 - Tuesday/Thursday Nights - Recruiting dedicated Boomkin/Warlock!

Rare is a Semi-hardcore Guild | Raid Times - Tuesday & Thursday 9pm-12am Server

We expect our members to show up consistently and on time, understand mechanics, player their character properly, and be prepared with consumes/enchants/gems.

We aren’t Pink Parse chasers, but we do expect people to play to their highest level while also doing what is best for the raid.

Current Progress:

10/10 Pre-nerf

We are actively seeking the classes for core positions:

Warlock x2

All exceptional players will always be considered.

If interested please reach out via Bnet or Discord:
Bnet - Maxwellicus#1554
Discord - Maxwellicus#0623

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