[H] Faerlina <Nocturnal> Fri / Sat 8 PM - 12 AM EST | Recruiting DPS

About Us

< Nocturnal > is a fun guild recruiting Pumper DPS for our 25M Raiding Team. We clear all 25M content in a night. We are looking to build a fun interactive raiding community, if your interested please reach out.

Desired Classes

-Druid (Boomkin)
-Hunter (Survival or MM)
-Priest (Shadow)
-Warlock (Demo)


-Proper Gems & Enchants.
-Good DPS and knowledge of mechanics.
-Consistent attendance.
-Be a vocal team player.
-Be respectful and take accountability for your actions.
-Willingness to learn and help others.

Raid Times/Schedule

Raid nights will be on Friday / Saturday @ 8 PM - 12 AM EST.


We are using Loot Council as a Loot System. Performance, Attendance, and being in Good Overall Standing with the guild plays a part in loot decisions.


Dillon#12972 - Battle.net
Dillon#4194 - Discord