[H-Faerlina] <Hellscream Raiders> 4/6 want you for SUNWELL and into Wrath!


Hellscream Raiders is recruiting! Apply here: https://hellscreamraiders.com/.

Our biggest needs right now are:

  • Resto / Enhance Shaman for immediate raid spot.

  • Boomkin for for rotating raid spot to allow for vacation coverage.

  • Arcane Mage for rotating raid spot to allow for vacation coverage.

  • Any Healers / Healer alts for rotating raid spot to allow for vacation coverage.

  • Any Feral Bear mains / alts for rotating raid spot to allow for vacation coverage.

  • Any player willing to benchwarm and raid when we have a callout which is often.

Seriously though, anyone interested in joining and willing to play the game is welcome! We are looking to flesh out our 25 raider squad to a 30ish raider squad to have ample backup with a rotating bench.

Current Raid Times:

  • Old content:
    • Karazhan badge/alt runs: Most Saturdays at noon EST.
    • ZA: Various timed runs all the time, every reset.
    • BT: 2 SR pug splits running weekly.
  • Sunwell:
    • Monday / Wednesday 8:00pm-11:00pm
  • Note: These times are not set in stone for the entirety of TBC, if raid availability changes we adapt!


  • Loot Council was voted as the guild’s loot system and has been a great success with a knowledgeable and fair council.


  • P1: 11/11 Kara and 3/3 Gruul/Mag down in the first month.
  • P2: 10/10 SSC and TK. Got both to 1% prenerf and 1 shot both postnerf.
  • P3:
    • 5/5 Hyjal night one.
    • 9/9 BT
      • We literally one shot Council on our first pull ever with no PTR tryharding! Illidan dropped shortly after :smiley:
  • P4:
    • Easy bear mounts.
  • P5:
    • Kalecgos down night 1.
    • Brutallus down night 2.
    • Felmyst - down night 3.
    • Twins - down night 4.
    • Muru - WIP


  • Hellscream Raiders was founded less than 2 months after launch in 2004 on the Azgalor server. More recently, the guild reformed on Faerlina for the launch of Classic WoW and a consistent core has played together since then. We were the highest performing casual guild in Classic WoW. Lead then by a keyboard turning undead warrior, we raided all the way into Naxx without requiring world buffs! We have continued into TBC with a new GM and a slightly less casual take on raiding, actually requiring consumes and PvE specs on raid day. We are excited to raid all the way through TBC and we just need your help to make it happen!

  • We are a friendly, inclusive environment. Neither gamer rage nor discrimination are welcome here. Our team is diverse and includes Latinos, mothers, angsty high school kids, no mic trashtypers, a few chirpy Canadians, and even a 12 year old pumper who will dumpster your dps if you’re not careful.

Apply here: https://hellscreamraiders.com/


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